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Our Solutions

ParKam brings a new parking ecosystem that is image┬áprocessing, deep machine learning and AI-based. We partner with the city and parking lot owners, utilizing existing infrastructure and simple CCTV cameras to turn the parking pain into a source of revenue. With a growing calibre of clients, ParKam is on a mission to create a “frustration-free” parking solution.

Today, ParKam can address any parking space in the world, from on-street parking to open carparks, multilevel parking as well as underground parking.

Turning CCTV Cameras into a Revenue Stream Generator

Maximizing Revenues

By optimizing parking occupancy and using enforcement tools

Utilizing Exisitng Infrastructure

  • On-site CCTV cameras
  • Existing poles & electricity
  • If needed – simple cameras will be installed

Minimal Disruption

Ensuring a clean and smooth installation

Improved Customer Experience

Using navigation app and VMS guidance

Dynamic Pricing Platform

Generating better income from underused areas

Increasing Compliance

By making in-app payment an option

Cost Effective Implementation

Up to 100 parking spots per camera

Dashboard Analytics

Provided by a variety of occupancy reports

Targeted Advertising

on VMS (electronic signs) or in-app

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