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The Future of Parking is Already Here.

ParKam aims to disrupt the parking industry and deliver a unique, ground-breaking solution for the ever-growing problem of parking in large complexes and busy metro areas.

Using real-time computer vision algorithms on security camera footage, it is the only solution identifying which parking spot will remain available by the time the driver arrives.

Availability Map

Real-time parking status (occupant / vacant) with the highest accuracy rate

Unique mapping technology down to the bay level, including various points of interest

Using computer vision and advanced machine learning algorithms on camera data

Navigation System

Mobile app guiding drivers to an available parking spot, closest to their destination

End-to-end navigation, including within parking lots

Factoring the driver's expected arrival time with the “life expectancy” of available parking spots

Smart matching between car size and available spots

BI Tool & Analytics

Web-based cross-platform interface

Real-time dashboard for parking management

Displays availability map and occupancy heat-map

Produces various occupancy statistics and reports

Enforcement System

Real-time alerts on unauthorized parking, double parking and overtime

Displayed on the web-based BI tool, as well as the officer's mobile device

The most efficient usage of enforcement manpower

In-App Payment

As part of the navigation app, using in-app payment does not require another application. This is a natural step after parking and before leaving.

Smart Sign Guidance

ParKam offers a variety of smart signs for smart cities and parking lots, displaying parking occupancy, and guiding drivers to available spots.

Turning CCTV Cameras into Revenue Stream Generator

Manage your parking assets more efficiently

Maximize revenues by optimizing occupancy and enforcement

Dynamic pricing to generate more income from underused areas

Big data marketing analysis for your business

We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

European Parking Association
Parking network

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